Tuesday, January 7, 2014

LAST of the BIG CHANGES... Fated Saga and Books and Stuff....

Growing Pains! Of the good kind :) I think.... 

www.fatedsaga.com is no longer active, for all Books please visit www.racheldaigle.com 

Many of you have most likely noticed all the changes taking place on my websites... after MUCH debate, it was decided to create ONE website to rule them all! As much as I wanted to adhere to people’s requests, managing three websites is proving difficult. So without further ado I give you www.racheldaigle.com

What does this mean to you? Not too much... whether you’re bookmarked with daiglebooks.com, fatedsaga.com or demonislewitches.com, ALL will soon direct you to www.racheldaigle.com

Nothing changes in the way of book release alert signups. If you’re already signed up then you’re still signed up. There will still be a release signup for each series. That will not change, as I want readers to have the option to follow just one series.

But, it puts everything in one location.

As I spent these last weeks managing all of those sites, I realized that with any new books coming out over the next couple of years, I would eventually need ONE website to rule them all. So I made the choice to do it now.

Let me apologize to anyone feeling confused or like they are jumping around. I promise this is the last BIG change to take place website wise. But with growth comes change and this was necessary.

Becoming a fulltime writer is a dream come true. But it also brings a learning curve with it. And I want to focus as much time as possible on the writing, and much less time on the managing of things like websites :)

THANKS as always for your understanding and support!


  1. I don't typically leave reviews, but I wanted you to know I've enjoyed every moment of The Fated Saga and am eagerly awaiting the release of books 8 & 9! I'll probably check out Demon Isle Witches in the meantime. I'm sure I'll enjoy that series equally, as the detail, time & energy you put into your work is apparent.

  2. I just wanted to say that I have absolutely LOVED the Demon Isle Witches series. I can not wait till the next ones come out :) Thank you for your GREAT work :)


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